The workshop is responsible for maintaining and repairing aircraft. It is in the rightmost part of the airport, just beyond the gates, outside the terminal building and is run by a guy named Jack. Its shortcut key is: W, and is always open. The following tasks can be performed in the workshop:

  • Determine who should work on the planes
  • View the maintenance costs incurred by each aircraft
  • Specify the target condition of each aircraft
  • View the breakdown statistics of each aircraft

To determine who should work on the planes, say to Jack: "I would like to talk to you about my planes." The following people can then be assigned to work on an airline's aircraft (from least to most effective and expensive):

  • The cleaning lady (1,200 per plane)
  • The apprentice, Timmy (18,000 per plane)
  • The engineer, Carl (48,000 per plane)
  • The two chief engineers (150,000 per plane)

Note that the cleaning lady only becomes an option if you buy liquor at the Duty-Free Shop and give it to Jack and ask him cant you do it cheaper?. More expensive options are more effective, meaning that they can maximize aircraft conditions while minimizing the chance of breakdowns.

To specify the target condition of each aircraft, say to Jack: "Please repair the planes as follows..." He will then present a clipboard detailing the names of all aircraft in the fleet, the current state of each aircraft, the target state of each aircraft and any additional costs for adjusting the target state. To adjust the target state of an aircraft, select the name of the aircraft and enter a number between 0 and 100 (100% being the best possible aircraft condition). The additional costs will adjust accordingly. To adjust all target states to 100%, simply click on "All planes: 100%" on the bottom right of the page.

You can say to Jack "Please stop smoking here, it's not allowed". He may at first state that it is his workshop and he decides what is allowed. If you do it again, he will tell you to get out. If you try to phone him or talk to him after that, he won't engage in conversation telling you "Leave me alone, you moaning non-smoker!" If that happens, buy liquor and give it to him. You should be able to talk to him again.

There is no workshop in Airline Tycoon 2. The condition of airplanes in Airline Tycoon 2 deteriorate after each flight, and maintenance has to be scheduled in the airline office. In this case, maintenance blocks are added to an aircraft's flight schedule like route segments or order flights (see Flight Planning). These maintenance blocks or segments can be found at the very top of the Route List in the office's flight scheduling tool (click on the globe or bookshelves). By default, there is a 30-minute segment and a 60-minute segment; however, maintenance segments can be increased or decreased in 30-minute increments or decrements to the required length. Every maintenance segment has an associated Maintenance Cost, (adjustable) Maintenance Duration and Target Maintenance (condition). Longer maintenance segments increase the maintenance condition of the aircraft (up to 100%), but are more expensive. Ideally the maintenance block should be long enough to restore the aircraft's condition to 100% to maintain a good image among customers.

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