Throughout the Airline Tycoon series there are four tycoons, each operating a different airline.

Airline TycoonEdit

In Airline Tycoon, part of an airline manager's job is to compete with fellow tycoons. They may be competing against you, but that's no reason you can't have a friendly chat with them once in a while. To do so, just click on one of your colleagues as you see them around the airport to start a conversation. You can also use a phone to call their office (assuming they're in their office) or you can call their cell phone (assuming they have one) that you can purchase at the Duty-Free Shop. If you get on their good side, you may even want to form a "co-operation" with them. Doing so means that they gain access to your branches, but that you also gain access to theirs. This co-operation can be broken at any time, if you so choose. The airline managers (i.e. tycoons) present in Airline Tycoon include the following:

Tina Cortez Edit

Tina Cortez is the only female Tycoon in the game and represents Sunshine Airways.

Although she speaks with an English accent in the English version of the game, her name and the name of the airline she represents suggests that she may be intended to be Spanish. Her office shows decorations such as a bull head, and a framed picture of a matador. In single player games she is very fond of sabotage and will do so almost every day, which often results in her getting caught and fined by the airport manager. She will usually go bankrupt 4 months after everyone else has been bought out. Her colour is Blue.

Siggi Sorglos Edit

Sc 005

Mr. Sorglos in his Office

Siggi Sorglos represents Falcon Lines.

He speaks with an English accent in the English version of the game and may be intended to be British, but he may have been intended to be German, Swiss or Austrian, due to the stereotypically Germanic items in his office. This is also underlined by his last name "Sorglos" which is the the german expression for carefree. His colour is Green. He is, probably, the second weakest character. He is usually second in bankrupcy.

Igor Tuppolevsky Edit

Sc 009

Igor, outside his office with Mario

Igor Tuppolevsky represents Phoenix Travel.

He speaks with a Russian accent, dresses in red and many of the items in his office are stereotypically Russian, so it can be safely assumed that his was intended to be Russian. His colour is Red. He is the strongest character and usually never goes bankrupt.He is also the most likely to buy out other airlines unless he has a co-operation with them.

Mario Zucchero Edit

Mario Zucchero represents Honey Airlines.

He speaks with an Italian accent and has pizza and coffee in his office. Because of this he may have been intended to be Italian. His colour is Yellow. In the game, honey airlines is usaually the one to go bankrupt first. He usually also sells a lot of shares within the first month. Because of this many players buy him out .

Airline Tycoon 2Edit

Airline Tycoon 2 features two new tycoons joining two former ones. Collectively, they include:

Igor TuppolevskyEdit

Airline: Imperial Airways (IA)

Motto: "With enough money you can get everything. Without money you get nothing."

Key Strength: Hard Negotiating Partner - As such, he can "put on a great show in banks," meaning that "he gets particularly low interest rates when he receives credit," (i.e. when he takes out a loan).

Tina CortezEdit

Airline: Torro Aero (TA)

Motto: "Business is like a bullfight - the Toro provokes his opponent and tricks him into running around until he's exhausted. The rest is just a formality."

Key Strength: Gourmet - "As a Spaniard, Tina Cortez is at the source for fresh fruit, vegetables, outstanding wine and many other specialties. Thus she can save a lot on catering."

Mbangwe MogamboEdit

Airline: Mogamb Air (MO)

Motto: "The smaller the lizard, the greater its hope of becoming a crocodile."

Key Strength: Military Connections - "with his connections to the military and various military leaderships, Mbangwe Mogambo is fortunate enough to come by jet fuel easily and cheaply.

Natalie ChildmanEdit

Airline: Kolibri Travel (KT)

Motto: "Everyone should be able to fly!"

Key Strength: Promotional Genius - "with her good relationship to stars, agencies and photographers, Natalie Childman can count on getting particularly favorable prices for her airline, even in her advertising efforts.

Siggi Sorglos and Mario Zucchero are also included as DLC running their airlines Falcon Lines and Honey Airlines from the original game.

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