The Airline Tycoon series has various travel agencies, all located on the lower or ground level of the airport terminal. They all serve the same general purpose of providing passenger order (i.e. charter) flights for airlines to pick up.

Airline TycoonEdit

In Airline Tycoon, there are two travel agency counters in the airport terminal: the Air Travel Travel Agency and the Last-Minute Travel Agency.

Air Travel Travel AgencyEdit

The Air Travel counter is located just to the left of a stairwell and to the right of the check-in desks. Its shortcut key is: T, and its hours of operations are as follows:

  • Every day 9 - 5

As described above, this travel agency provides passenger order flights.

Last-Minute Travel AgencyEdit

The Last-Minute counter is located just to the right of the museum and to the left of the check-in desks. Its shortcut key is: L, and its hours of operations are as follows:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 9 - 4
  • Sundays: 9 - 4
  • Saturdays: Closed

The passenger order flights provided by the Last-Minute agency generally offer a higher premium (i.e. reward) compared to those of Air Travel; however, the flights available generally have a tighter deadline. Most Last-Minute flights have to be flown on the same day or the day after they're posted.

Airline Tycoon 2Edit

The Skytrips International Travel Agency is the only travel agency present in Airline Tycoon 2. It's located in "section C" of the airport to the right of the bank and to the left of the elevator. Its shortcut key is: T and is always open. It serves the exact same purpose as Air Travel - it provides passenger order flights.

Although there is no "last minute" counter in Airline Tycoon 2,you can install falcon lines dlc and last minute will be

outside skytrips. There are also order or charter flights periodically requested by random people. Occasionally, a dialog box may pop up detailing a request made by a random person to have them flown somewhere. These flights are similar to those offered by Last-Minute in that they usually offer a higher premium and have a tighter deadline than other flights found at Skytrips.

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