The toolbar can be seen along the bottom of the screen throughout gameplay. It allows users to see some of the most important information relevant to their airline, and to perform certain actions that cannot be performed elsewhere.

Airline TycoonEdit

The toolbar in Airline Tycoon is also referred to as the "Status Bar". This section will describe each of its features from left to right.

On the leftmost part of the Status Bar is a rectangular icon with your airline's logo. Click on this logo to see the Statistics screen.

To the right of the logo is a clock icon above a dollar sign. You can left-click on the clock icon to speed up the game, left-click on it again to speed it up some more and once more for maximum speed. Right-click on the clock to slow down a sped-up game. Left-clicking on the clock is the same as pressing +, while right-clicking on the clock is equivalent to pressing -. Click on the dollar sign to see your airline's statement of cash flows.

This is followed by a display with the current day of the week and time above your airline's current amount of cash on hand. Hold down the left mouse button with the cursor over the time to speed up the time some more. This is the same as keeping the space bar depressed.

To the right of this display are six slots that represent inventory slots that hold various items found around the airport. Left-click on an item in your inventory to use it or right-click to discard it.

On the far right of the Status bar is a question mark icon. Click on this to see the most recent information given to you by your advisors. Click on the icon below this to see the Main Menu.

Airline Tycoon 2Edit

The toolbar in Airline Tycoon 2 is also referred to as the "Menu Bar"". Additional buttons other than those described below may appear on the Menu Bar depending on your avatar's location in the airport. For example, on most screens a green button appears on the far left that enables you to exit the screen or room. This section will describe features of the Menu Bar that are always present as they appear from left to right.

At first glance, you will notice three circular buttons on both sides of the Menu Bar. Clicking the button on the furthest left will bring up a "Settings" screen on which you can continue the game, save the game, load a game, return to the Main Menu or exit [the] game. The button to the right of it allows you to see the Statistics screen. This is followed by a button that you can click to display the Airport Guide after it is purchased from the Airport Shop.

To the right of this trio of buttons is your airline's logo followed by rectangular display that shows the most recent messages from your advisors. Below the message display is the time, date, and your airline's cash on hand. To the right of this are three buttons that adjust the speed of the game from 1x to 2x to 4x normal speed, respectively.

This central part of the Menu Bar is followed by three more buttons. The one on the left opens your inventory where your various items are stored. To use an item, click on it in the inventory, then click on the hand icon to "use" it. Otherwise, click on the garbage can icon to discard the item. The button in the middle will open up a list of all previous messages from your advisors. This is also where you can delete various messages. Clicking the button on the right will bring up your various objectives in the game (e.g. mission objectives).

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