Sunshine Airways is one of the four airlines from Airline Tycoon. It is run by Tina Cortez. The airline's color is blue and its offices are located towards the left side of the airport, above the check-in counters and between the Travel Agency and Last-Minute Counter. The airline's logo depicts the sun and a cloud on a blue background. Sunshine Airways starts with Gate 1, and subsequent gate purchases move the other airlines back.

Tina CortezEdit

Tina Cortez is the only female tycoon in the game. In the English version of the game, she has a British accent, though everything else suggests she is Spanish. Her office is decorated with a bull's head, which can be used to call it a day and fast forward to the next day, and a framed picture of a matador on her desk.

Sunshine Airways' AI player in free game appears to be very fond of sabotage, and will often be caught by the Airport Manager, resulting in her paying many fines. She usually goes bankrupt after around four months in game time, although other factors, including image problems, can also cause her to be terminated.

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