First introduced in Airline Tycoon Evolution, the security office offers airlines protection from sabotage.

Airline Tycoon Evolution/Deluxe Edit

The security office is accessible by a secret window pane (just above the flight status monitor on the upper or employee-only level of the airport) between Mr. Uhrig's office and the advertising agency or by pressing "Y". It offers the following services:

The most recently patched version of Airline Tycoon Deluxe features "blackout" periods; when the airport periodically loses power and the security office goes out of commission, rendering all airlines susceptible to sabotage. Once power is restored, airline managers have to go to the security office to restore their security options.

Airline Tycoon 2Edit

In Airline Tycoon 2, the security office (known as "Eyes and Ears Security") can be found by clicking on the security guard standing next to the elevator on the upper or employee-only level of the airport. It can also be accessed by pressing "E".

Security Options:Edit

This security office offers the following security options. Additional security options are denoted by a letter in square brackets corresponding with items listed under the next section, "Unlocking Additional Security":

  • Have your airplanes guarded by one of the following...
    • [A] Former elite soldiers
    • Former soldiers
    • Former police officers
    • Spy retirees
    • No one
  • Start (or stop) one or more of the following special, anti-sabotage programs:
    • The on-board service food taster program
    • The corporate identity program
    • The anti alcohol program for pilots
    • [B] The bioscans for airplanes program
  • Have your planes monitored by an additional mechanic with one of the following qualifications to minimize technical problems:
    • [A] A Harford education
    • A college education
    • Complete professional training
    • A high-school diploma
    • None (i.e. no additional mechanic)
  • Have a computer specialist monitor your various bank accounts with one of the following:
    • [B] The security advisor to the US embassy
    • The security chief from Macrohard
    • A salesman with the large computer store chain, Mars
    • An employee's computer-savvy son
    • No one

Unlocking Additional SecurityEdit

The previous lists of security options include standard options available, as well as additional options (denoted by letters in square brackets) that can only be unlocked by giving the security guard various items found around the airport. This section will describe the location of those items.

[A] The Handheld Mirror - can be purchased at the Airport Shop.

[B] The Surveillance Camera - go to the Bank. There should be a surveillance camera just to the left of the words, "All-Africa Bank". Click on it to retrieve it.

[C] The Rifle - go to the saboteur's hideout (i.e. the supposed flower shop). There should be a rifle just to the right of the saboteur, on the middle shelf; click on it to retrieve it. Supposedly, you can give this item to the security guard.

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