The Scrap Yard (also referred to as "Scrap and Old Planes") is where airlines can buy and sell used planes in Airline Tycoon 2. In this sense, it is equivalent to the museum in the original Airline Tycoon series. To get to the Scrap Yard, you must first enter Hangar 51. To the right of where your character is standing, towards the back of the hangar, you will see a door. Click on the door to access the Scrap Yard. You can also press its shortcut key ("G") to teleport there. As is the case in Airline Tycoon, the used planes sold here are less expensive than the new ones sold in Hangar 51, but they also have worse maintenance conditions than new planes.

Buying Used PlanesEdit

To buy a used plane at the Scrap Yard, tell the worker there that you would like to buy a used plane and he will present you with a list of used planes. The list will show the name of each plane (this can be changed after purchase), the cost of the plane, and its current maintenance condition.

Below the list is a dialog box providing more details about the selected plane. The first tab on the left (with the letter "i") will show the aircraft model, price and maintenance condition. The second tab from the left (with the faces) shows the required and maximum number of pilots and flight attendants needed for the plane to fly. The third tab from the left will provide the following information:

  • Construction year
  • Thrust - the amount of force exerted by the engines (in kilo-Newtons)
  • Range - the maximum distance the plane can fly with maximum fuel (in kilometers)
  • Speed (in kilometers per hour)
  • Maintenance costs (presumably, per flight)
  • Max. Fuel - the maximum amount of fuel the plane supports per flight (in liters)
  • Consumption - its fuel consumption (in liters per hour)
  • Number of seats

To customize planes bought at the Scrap Yard, you will have to return to Hangar 51.

Selling Used PlanesEdit

As mentioned, you can also sell used planes at the Scrap Yard. Simply ask do you also buy used airplanes, and select the plane you would like to sell to sell it. Note that the plane's flight plan must be clear of future flights and any flights in progress must be completed before the plane can be sold.

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