The Personnel Office is where airlines hire and manage their personnel/staff consisting of pilots, flight attendants and advisors. It can be found on the office or upper level of the airport. Its shortcut key is: P.

Airline TycoonEdit

The personnel office is located next to your (airline manager's) office under the same colored lamp as your airline's color. Inside sits a woman (Ms. Selig) and a man (Mr. Hagedorn).

Ms. SeligEdit

Ms. Selig is responsible for keeping folders of pilots, flight attendants and advisors who want to be hired. She keeps a record of each of these prospective employees consisting of the following information:

  • Name
  • Employee Type (i.e. pilot, flight attendant, or in the case of advisors: the type of advisor)
  • Salary
  • Evaluation
  • Age
  • Description

In this case, "evaluation" refers to the employee's qualification for the job, which is one of the following (from worst to best):

  • Untalented
  • Moderately Talented
  • Average
  • Above Average
  • Talented
  • Gifted
  • Very Talented
  • Very Highly Gifted
  • a real Genius

Mr. HagedornEdit

Mr. Hagedorn is responsible for managing the salaries of those currently employed with the airline. Speak with him to:

  • Increase the salary of all employees by 10%
  • Cut the salary of all employees by 10%
  • View the file with advisors
  • View the file with pilots
  • View the file with flight attendants

Each employee file has the following information:

  • Name
  • Employee Type
  • Salary
  • Evaluation
  • Age
  • Satisfaction
  • The plane on which they are working (for pilots and flight attendants)

Each employee file also allows you to:

  • Assign the employee to another plane (in the case of pilots and flight attendants)
  • Fire the employee
  • Raise the employee's salary by 10%
  • Cut the employee's salary by 10%

Airline Tycoon 2Edit

In Airline Tycoon 2, the personnel office is the rightmost office on the upper or office level, adjacent to the Designer Agency. Inside are older versions of Ms. Selig and Mr. Hagedorn.

Ms. SeligEdit

Ms. Selig is still responsible for pilots, flight attendants, and advisors who want to be hired, but has somewhat simplified the process. She provides the following information for each prospective employee:

  • Name
  • Skill level (from 1 to 5; 5 being the best)
  • Salary requirement
  • Profession (i.e. pilot, flight attendant, or type of advisor)

Mr. HagedornEdit

Mr. Hagedorn is still responsible for managing the airline's current employees. Speak with him to:

  • Assign pilots and flight attendants to planes
  • Adjust the wages/salaries of all your employees
  • Ask him to go to the airport dance club.

Assigning Employees to PlanesEdit

The screen on which employees are assigned to planes consists of lists and informational boxes. On the right side of the screen is a list of employees. Clicking on an employee's name will display information about that employee in the box below the Employee List, which includes:

  • The employee's name
  • Quality level
  • Motivation level
  • Relaxation level
  • Skill level
  • Current salary
  • Salary requirement
  • Profession
  • The plane on which the employee is working (if any)

Below this box are two buttons: one that assigns or unassigns them from a plane, and the other that fires the employee. To assign (or unassign) an employee from a plane, click on the name of a plane from the list of "Owned Airplanes" along the left side of the screen. The box below the list will then show information about the plane and rectangular box in the middle of the screen will show crew assignments. Assigning a crew member is as simple as double-clicking a crew member's name on the Employee List. To unassign a crew member from a plane, click on the crew member in the rectangular box with plane silhouette, then click on the button with the plane and the red arrow at the bottom of the employee's profile.

A couple things to note when assigning pilots and flight attendants to planes:

  1. Employees can only be assigned to or unassigned from a plane when the plane is on the ground
  2. The relaxation level of pilots and flight attendants on board a plane is influenced by a combination of their skill levels, and the number of other pilots and flight attendants on board, respectively. This is another way of saying: more help = less stress for each individual crew member!

Adjusting Employee SalariesEdit

Although you cannot adjust the salaries for individual employees, you can still adjust salaries for all of them, simultaneously. The screen for adjusting salaries presents a dialog box entitled "Employee Overview," and presents the following information:

  • Number of employees
  • Idle (i.e. number of unassigned crew members)
  • Motivation
  • Quality
  • Rest level
  • Qualification
  • Total costs ($/day)
  • Salary level

Increasing the salary level will increase employees' motivation and quality levels, and vice versa when decreasing salary levels. As described above, relaxation level is influenced by the crews' skill levels and the number of other crew members aboard each plane. Qualification levels will only improve by replacing employees possessing lower skill levels with those of higher skill levels.

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