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Falcon Lines's (Main) Office

An airline's main office is where an airline manager can address certain aspects of their airline, and is located on the upper or employee-only level of the airport terminal.

Airline TycoonEdit

In Airline Tycoon, an airline's main office is indicated by a green door under a coloured lamp that matches the colour of that airline. Its shortcut key is: O and neighbours its own Personnel Office indicated by grey doors under the same coloured lamp. Aside from the decor, the functions available in the office for each airline manager are the same. Various tasks can be performed from the office by first clicking on one of the following items: the globe, the model plane, the phone, the painting, the inbox, or the coat (rack).

The GlobeEdit

The globe's shortcut key is: G. By clicking on the globe, you will be presented with a close up view of the globe. This close up view will show you your planes and their current location on the globe. Clicking on a plane will open that specific plane's flight plan, and lines will appear on the globe showing where the plane is, and will be, flying according to its flight plan.

Lying next to the globe, there is a Filofax with which you can manage each plane's flight plan, learn more about the airports around the world and review other tidbits of information about your planes, gates and competitors. Click here for more information about the Filofax.

The Model PlaneEdit

On the corner of the desk is a model plane - click on it to see the screen where you can retrofit your planes with one to three-star technology (three stars being the best but most expensive option). For more information about retrofitting aircraft, click here.

The PhoneEdit

The phone in the office allows you to call the following departments to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Call Petrol Air to buy kerosene and storage tanks
  • Call the Bank to execute your shareholder's rights or issue new shares; any other task requires you to personally visit the bank
  • Call the Airport Manager's office to review the details of the daily meeting or to apply for an airport expansion
  • Call the Plane Broker; although nothing meaningful can be accomplished over the phone as you have to personally visit him to buy a new plane
  • Call the Museum - although you can do so, there's no point because you can only sell planes to or buy planes from the museum, in person
  • Call the Personnel Office - specifically, call Miss Selig to quickly see how many of each type of applicant she has on file; any hiring must be done in person. You can also call Mr. Hagedorn to increase or decrease the salary of all employees by 10%; viewing and managing files of current employees will require you to personally visit the Personnel Office.
  • Call the Advertising Agency to check your airline's image, and to improve the image of your airline's routes and/or the airline, itself.
  • Call the Workshop to assign or reassign the people you want maintaining your planes; statistics about the condition of the airline's planes can only be viewed in person.
  • Call your competitors to form a co-operation, break a co-operation, or just to have a chat.
  • Call your branches for passenger order flights or even cargo order flights (cargo orders from branches are only available in Airline Tycoon Deluxe you will have to pay 1 dollar to make a call

The PaintingEdit

This section describes the process of releasing/closing storage tanks of kerosene for/from use. If you're not familiar with kerosene management in Airline Tycoon, you can read about it in the article about Petrol Air. Clicking the painting will enlarge it, showing details about the Kerosene Tank Depot. Here, you will be presented with the current market price of the kerosene, the purchase price of the kerosene in the tanks, the volume of the tanks purchased (expressed in "barrels") and the current volume of kerosene stored in the tanks. Under these details is one of the following statements:

  • "The tanks are empty. Planes will be filled at market price."
  • "The contents of the tank are currently not realeased for use. Planes will be filled at market price."
  • "The contents of the tank are currently available for use. Planes will be filled from the tanks."

The first statement is self-explanatory; the airline's planes will be filled at the specified market price no matter what because there is simply no kerosene in the storage tanks. The second statement is saying that there is kerosene held in storage tanks, but they have not been released for use. When you feel it is appropriate, click on that statement (on the painting) to allow planes to refuel from the storage tanks. Clicking on the second statement will bring up the third one, which says that there is kerosene in the storage tanks and the planes are refuelling from the storage tanks. To stop the planes from refuelling from the storage tanks, click on that sentence, (it will revert back to the second sentence on the painting), and planes will stop refuelling from the storage tanks and start refuelling at market price. Or you can simply wait until the tanks run empty, at which point the first statement will show on the painting.

(Extra) kerosene and storage tanks can be purchased at Petrol Air. The basic idea, here, is to buy kerosene when the market price is low so that when it soars, you release the kerosene from the storage tanks so that you do not have to buy kerosene at obscenely high prices, hence saving money.

The InboxEdit

Your inbox will have a letter/envelope when you have a message to read; otherwise, it will be empty. Click on the envelope to read the message. The mail received usually consists of the following: details about the previous auction for branches and gates, penalties incurred due to missed contract/order flights, advertisements (e.g. flyers) from other airlines, press releases, and spam.

The Coat (Rack)Edit

Click on your coat on the coat rack to end your work day. Just remember that your competitors will always pull of a full day's worth of work. So you will not be aware of shares issued/bought/sold, planes bought/sold, or any other activities undertaken by your competitors during your absence. This includes auctions for branches and gates. If, for example, you've placed a bid for a branch and you leave early, a competitor may outbid you before the end of their work day at 6pm.

Airline Tycoon 2Edit

In Airline Tycoon 2, every airline's main office is located just to the left of the elevator on the upper or employee-only level of the airport. An airline can identify its own office by the plaque with the airline's logo right next to each office door. Its shortcut key is: B. As with airline offices in Airline Tycoon, these offices mainly differ in decor; otherwise, each airline's office has the same functions as the other airlines' offices. There are four items with which you can interact in your office: binders, the globe, the laptop and a unique item next to the door.

Clicking on the binders or the globe opens the flight planning screen (FPS). The only difference is that clicking on the binders will open the FPS with the "Contract List" (i.e. the list of passenger order flights, if any) showing; whereas, clicking on the globe will open the FPS with the "Route List" showing. In any case, you can also switch the list for the other on the bottom right corner of the flight planning screen. For information about flight planning, refer to the article about Flight Planning.

Clicking on the laptop brings up financial information about the airline and its competitors.

Clicking on the unique item next to the door ends the work day. For Imperial Airways, this item appears to be a Darth Vader helmet on a superhero costume in a red and white cabinet. For Torro Aero, this "item" appears to be some Spanish paraphernalia (e.g. guitar, boots, saddle, etc.). For Mogamb Air, this item is a chained up military locker with what appears to be a parachute pack and boots. For Kolibri Travel, this item is a karaoke machine with two pink microphones and a fancy pink scarf on the side.

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