The Newspaper Stand shows news about the airlines. It is located between the Bank and the restrooms and its shortcut key is: K. Hovering the cursor over an article attached to the stand wall will show the headlines of that newspaper. The guy in the booth will be awake when there is news about one of the airlines; otherwise, he's asleep. There is no news stand in Airline Tycoon 2.


Sabotage: Should you sabotage one of your competitors, news of the incident (also a colored picture of the incident) will appear on one of the three readable magazines.

Airline Sucess: Should you have plenty of money,passengers,etc. News of this will appear here. Normally it is simply a b&h picture of your avatar being congratualted by a crowd.

Staff: Should your airline have an exellent worker in your personel, it will be shown similar to this:

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