The museum is a place where airlines can buy and sell used planes. It's run by Mr. Schlauberger (the museum supervisor), and can be found on the far left side of the lower or passenger level of the airport just to the left of the Last-Minute counter. Its shortcut key is: M, and its hours of operations are:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 11 - 7

The Airline Tycoon 2 equivalent of the museum is the Scrap Yard.

Buying Planes at the MuseumEdit

Planes available for purchase at the museum only includes models available for purchase at the Plane Broker. Since these planes are generally older and used, they are less expensive than the ones found at the Plane Broker, but their maintenance conditions are generally worse.

Hover the cursor over one of the three planes on pedestals to view more information about that plane, namely:

  • The name of the plane - this can be changed after purchase
  • The plane's manufacturer
  • The type of plane
  • The maximum number of passengers it seats per flight
  • The maximum amount of freight it holds per flight
  • Its range - the maximum distance the plane can fly with full tanks of fuel, expressed in kilometers
  • Its speed - in kilometers per hour
  • The maximum capacity of its fuel tank(s), in liters
  • Its fuel consumption expressed in liters per hour
  • The minimum number of crew (i.e. pilots) required for this plane to fly
  • The minimum number of attendants (i.e. flight attendants) required for this plane to fly
  • Its price
  • Its year of construction

Selling Planes at the MuseumEdit

An airline's planes can only be sold at the museum. To do so, the plane's flight plan must first be cleared of all flights - this can be verified with the Filofax or Notebook. A plane cannot be sold if its flight plan still has future flights scheduled and if there is a flight in progress. Once this is done, speak to Mr. Schlauberger about selling a plane, select the plane to be sold and he will offer you an amount for the plane. Once you agree to accept the amount, the plane will be sold.

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