Most locations at the airport have corresponding shortcut keys. Pressing the shortcut key for a location will send the player off to that location without the incessant clicking needed to get around the airport terminal.

Airline TycoonEdit

The following shortcut keys can be used in Airline Tycoon Deluxe. Most shortcuts are also available in other versions of the game. You can run to any of the rooms listed below by double-tapping the assigned key; immediately tap the space bar afterwards to get to the room almost immediately.

A - Go to Petrol Air

O - Go to your Office

C - Go to Rick's Cafe

D - Go to Duty-Free Shop

W - Go to the Advertising Agency

E - Go to the Plane Dealer

G - Go to the Globe/Filofax

H - Go to the Cargo Office

K - Go to the Newspaper Stand

B - Go to the Bank

L - Go to the Last Minute Counter

M - Go to the Museum

N - Go to the Nasa Shop (only available in some missions)

P - Go to the Personnel Office

R - Go to the Route Management Board

S - go to mount flymore IE the telescope

T - Go to the Air Travel Counter

U - Go to the Airport Manager (Mr. Uhrig)

W - Go to the Workshop

Y - Go to the Security Office

X - Go to the Aircraft Designer (HiTech Design Shop)

Tab - Immediately finish the day

F1 - Call up a tool tip

F2/Esc. - Pause Menu

F3 - Load Game

F4 - Save Game

Pause - Pause the game

+/- - Increase/Decrease game speed

Space - Speed up game when running

Airline Tycoon 2Edit

The following shortcut keys can be used in Airline Tycoon 2. Pressing a shortcut key will "teleport" you to that room (i.e. no walking/running scenes). The official name of each location as presented in the game manual and Airport Guide (which can be found at the Airport Shop) is in parentheses.

I - Advertising Agency (ImageCorp Pro-Marketing)

G - Scrap Yard (Scrap and Old Planes)

P - Personnel Office

U - Airport Manager's Office (Sig. Marco Usceroni, Manager)

B - Your (airline manager's) Office (Avatar's Office)

E - Security Office (Eyes & Ears Security)

H - Plane Dealer and Aircraft Designer (Hangar 51)

V - The area just outside your office (Business Area)

N - The area just outside the elevator on the lower or passenger level of the airport (Terminal)

Q - Designer Agency; the company that furnishes aircraft exteriors and interiors (Ultimate Color Design)

J - Designer Agency; specifically, aircraft interiors as of update 1.21

X - The saboteur (Christians Flower Shop (Sabotage))

R - The Route Management Board (Route Plan)

M - The globe in your office; in other words, the flight scheduling screen (Flight Plan)

L - The gate area (Airline Lounge)

K - Bank (Rosenbaum Cash and Gold Loan)

C - Bar/Cafe (TakeOff Bar & Bistro)

F - Airport Shop (Shopper's Paradise Milestone)

T - Travel Agency (Skytrips International Travel Agency)

O - End the work day

Tab - Hide the toolbar along the bottom of the screen (although a simple mouse click will restore it)

F2 - Load Game

F3 - Save Game

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