Airlines can hire three different types of employees in the Airline Tycoon series: Pilots, Flight Attendants, and Advisors, the salaries of whom can be managed through the Personnel Office.

Airline TycoonEdit

The profiles of pilots and flight attendants are fairly straightforward; as are advisors, but advisors can be further categorized as follows:

Financial AdvisorEdit

This advisor keeps track of the airline's finances and profit per plane. If he/she isn't sufficiently qualified, then some financial information may not be available. The financial advisor can also garner lower interest rates for loans.

Fitness TrainerEdit

This "advisor" makes you run faster, although he doesn't make you walk faster. Not recommended because you could just press 'space' to instantly reach your destination.


This advisor informs you about your competitor's actions. For example, he will inform you when other companies issue new shares.

Oil and Kerosene AdvisorEdit

When visiting Petrol Air to buy kerosene, this advisor will let you know whether or not it's the right time to buy (basically, when the price of kerosene is low relative to the market price). This advisor will also let you know when you're running low on kerosene bought from Petrolair.

Order AnalystEdit

This advisor lets you know whether an order/charter flight is worth taking.He or she will either not recommend taking the order due to the premium being too Low, or recommend it if the premium is high.

Personel AdvisorEdit

This advisor evaluates a prospective employee or new hire according to their requested salary and qualifications to determine whether or not the airline should hire them.

Plane AdvisorEdit

At the museum, this advisor will let you know whether or not a used plane is worth buying by comparing its condition and its price.

Route AdvisorEdit

At the Route Management Board, this advisor will let you know whether or not a route is worth renting.

Security ManagerEdit

This "advisor" helps with negotiations. A better qualified security manager can garner greater discounts for purchases, but generally no more than 10%.

Airline Tycoon 2Edit

The profiles of pilots and flight attendants in Airline Tycoon 2 are also fairly straightforward, but there are different advisors or advisors with different titles.

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