Various items that can be found throughout the airport terminal can be stored in your inventory and used for various purposes. This article will contain some spoilers as it will describe those items, their locations, and their known uses. If you would like to explore the various purposes of those items on your own, skip this article!

Airline TycoonEdit

This section describes items that can be found in Airline Tycoon, listed alphabetically. Click on an item to retrieve it from its location, and click on an item in your inventory to use it where applicable. Right-click on an item to discard it from your inventory.

Address BookEdit

Location: This can be purchased at the Duty-Free Shop.
Use: This shows every location in the airport terminal that you have visited. Click on it to open it anywhere in the airport and click on a location to send your character running to that location. Note that the location of the HiTech Aircraft Design Shop is not listed in the address book.


Location: The overhead compartment in the Plane Dealer's room - you will have to spend some time in the room before the top compartment pops open, revealing the bra
Use: Give the bra to the lady at the Duty-Free Shop - apparently, she lost it and has been looking for it everywhere.

Candy (with or without alcohol)Edit

Location: This can be purchased at the Duty-Free Shop.
Use: Give this to a competitor to improve your relationship with them. Your character can also eat the candy themselves, but eating alcoholic candy will make them drunk for some time.

Cell PhoneEdit

Location: This can be purchased at the Duty-Free Shop.
Use: As with all phones in Airline Tycoon, this phone allows you to call various people. Unlike other phones; however, this phone will allow you to call, and to receive calls from, others anywhere in the airport terminal.


Location: Among one of three darts on a moose's head in the Petrol Air backroom - the saboteur will not let you take one unless you have given him an item that is useful to him in exchange (hint: an arachnid may be of use to him)
Use: Give this to the man at the Advertising Agency - he will be thankful!

Disk (Anti-virus floppy)Edit

Location: In the Advertising Agency; specifically, on the edge of the table next to the fax machine by the entrance - they will not let you take it until you give them something they want in return (hint: dart board).
Use: If your Notebook has been inflicted with a virus, use this disk to get rid of it. See Sabotage.

Drowning Cow (TM) Energy DrinkEdit

Location: The vending machine outside the museum
Use: Your character can drink this to make them walk and run much faster. Alternatively, you can give it to the guy in the Newspaper Stand.

Glowing Coal (and Coal)Edit

Location: Any bombed office.
Use: Use this at any Travel Agencies (Air Travel & Last Minute) to burn all passenger orders on display, then come back after a few seconds for new orders. Remember to take the orders you want first! Will cool down into a regular coal the next day, which can be discarded.


Location: On the Petrol Air counter
Use: Use this when getting a drink from the vending machine to prevent an electric shock.


Location: On the bottom-right portion of the screen in the Cargo Office is a box - the glue is lying in the grating next to the box, but the crane operator will not let you take the glue until you give him something else in exchange (hint: he needs something that will hold things together)
Use: Place this anywhere in the airport terminal. Anyone who walk into the puddle of glue will be stuck there for a short period of time. So be careful that you don't walk into the glue!


Location: On the back wall of the Duty-Free Shop just above the curtained "changing room;" a ceiling lamp is shining light on it
Use: Give this to the man in the green shirt at Rick's Cafe. Whenever your airline is about to have employee strike, you can talk to him to resolve it (see Sabotage).


Location: This can be purchased at the Duty-Free Shop.
Use: Give this bottle of liquor to the mechanic in the workshop to improve your relationship with him. Your character can also drink the liquor anywhere else in the airport terminal, but he/she will be drunk for some time!


Location: A wad of banknotes can (on occasion, but still rarely) be found in the garbage can at the bank, usually available to the first person to visit on the first day in freeplay.
Use: This does not go into your inventory; it adds $100k to your balance. Free money!


Location: This can be purchased at the Duty-Free Shop one game week into a mission or freeplay, there's 3 additional battery upgrades on subsequent days.
Use: This is, basically, a portable globe plus Filofax. Click on it anywhere in the airport terminal for important information about each airline and to manage your own airline.

Oil (can)Edit

Location: The oil can sits upon one of the barrels by the blowtorch in the workshop - the mechanic might let you take it if you give him something he likes (hint: he probably likes a good drink)
Use: Return to your office and click on the globe (or press G). Use the oil and the globe will stop squeaking when you rotate it.

Pair of Plyers [sic] (i.e. Pliers)Edit

Location: When you enter the Petrol Air backroom, you will see the saboteur working. Next to him is the pair of pliers, above a genie's lamp. You don't need to give Petrol Air the Violin Case, you can just about click on the pliers without disturbing the saboteur. Replenishes daily.
Use: Stand in front of the security office and use it to disable all security services for the rest of the day (including yours). Can also be used to cut the power of competitors' office, making the room dark (apparent in multiplayer sessions).

Paper ClipsEdit

Location: The paperclips hold some pieces of paper in place on the Route Management Board. Replenishes daily
Use: Give this to the crane operator in the Cargo Office - he will prefer this over the glue.

Perfume (and Disgusting Perfume)Edit

Location: Ladies Toilet, only available to male characters.
Use: In the workshop after giving liquor to the mechanic, wait for the toxic waste barrel to pop, use it to make Disgusting Perfume. After which, you can use it to make youself stink for quite a while, like a walking Stink Bomb.


Location: On the bulletin board behind Mr. Uhrig in his (Airport Manager's) office.
Use: Give this to Ms. Selig in the Personnel Office - she will be very grateful for it!

Stink BombEdit

Location: On the ledge of the Newspaper Stand next to the "CIRCUS" books - the guy working there won't let you take any unless you do him a favor first (hint: he sleeps most of the time, perhaps he needs a boost of energy from something)
Use: You can place this anywhere in the airport terminal. Anyone who walks by the stink bomb will instantly become very dissatisfied. Last quite a while, it will be removed from its location after the end of the day.

Tablets (i.e. Pills)Edit

Location: In the drawer of Ms. Selig's desk in the Personnel Office - Ms. Selig will only let you take some if you give her something else first (hint:hmm whats that interesting thing on the wall)
Use: This will help curb the effects of tainted coffee brought on by sabotage.

Tarantula (i.e. the spider)Edit

Location: Go to the Air Travel counter and hover your cursor over the "ALOHA!" pamphlet box. Eventually, a tarantula will crawl out of the box. If you don't click on it in time, the snake on the right will eat it, and you will have to wait for the next one.
Use: Give this to the saboteur working in the Petrol Air backroom - he will be thankful!

Violin CaseEdit

Location: This can be purchased at the Duty-Free Shop after the first game day into freeplay or a mission where sabotage is possible.
Use: Give this to the man behind the Petrol Air counter and he will grant you access to the saboteur.

Airline Tycoon 2Edit

This section describes items that can be found in Airline Tycoon 2, listed alphabetically. Click on an item to retrieve it from its location. To use an item in your inventory, click on the "inventory" button on the toolbar to open your inventory, click on the item you would like to use, click on the "hand" button to "use" the item, then click on the airport object (or person) with which the item is used. Conversely, you can click on an item, then click on the "garbage can" button to discard the item.

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