The following cheats can be entered directly in-game to have the desired effect. If the code was successfully entered, a laser shooting sound can be heard. There are no known cheats for Airline Tycoon 2.

Base game cheats Edit

The following cheats are available in all versions of the original Airline Tycoon:

  • EXPANDER: Allows a new gate to be added to the airport, without having to talk to the Airport Manager and without having to pay $1,000,000. You still have to bid on it at the manager's office the next day in order to use it, though.
  • SHOWALL: Shows all flights on the flight monitor, including flights that depart from or arrive at other airports than the home airport.
  • DONTSHOWALL: Reverts the flight monitors to their original displays and removes the external flights.
  • MENTAT: Hires all the best advisors in the game instantly. They do not show up in the personnel files, and you don't have to pay them a salary. They cannot be fired either.
  • FAMOUS: Improves the image of your airline and its routes to 100%, without having to go to the Ad Agency.
  • NODEBTS: Eliminates your debt at the Bank.
  • ATMISSALL: Type this on the page with the list of missions and you'll be able to select any level, without needing to complete earlier levels.
  • WINNING: Win the level instantly at the beginning of the following day. It does not work on all missions and is not available in free game.
  • DONALDTRUMP: Instantly gives you $10,000,000. You should be careful with this cheat though, because it doesn't show up on your bank statements, which may lead to the bank declaring you bankrupt.
  • CROWD: A big number of passengers will come to the airport and walk around.
  • THINKPAD: You instantly receive a free Notebook, on the highest level.
  • PANIC: All people leave the airport, leaving it deserted. This includes passengers that are going to check in or board a flight.
  • RUNNINGMAN: People walk faster.
  • BUBBLEGUM: See the thought bubbles of all people in the airport.
  • ATTESTXX: Days pass just as quickly as nights.
  • NOATTEST: Days no longer passes quickly as nights. The way to stop days passing quickly as nights.

Additional cheats Edit

The following cheats are available only in Evolution and Deluxe:

  • MEGARICHMAN: Instantly gives you $1 billion, displayed as $1,000 Mio. This changes the total money you have on your bank statement, so there's no risk of going bankrupt.
  • EVOLUTIONCOMPLETE: Unlocks all evolution missions instantly.
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