A cargo order is a one-time contract to carry freight from one place to another. They can be seen and accepted at the Cargo Office. Each cargo order has the following details:
  • Origin - where the cargo will be picked up
  • Destination - where the cargo will be unloaded
  • Date - the date on/by which the cargo must be delivered
  • Distance - between the origin and destination
  • Cargo - amount of freight to be delivered
  • Penalty - the cost to the airline if the specified amount of cargo is not delivered on time
  • Premium - the amount of revenue generated if the specified amount of cargo is delivered on time

Some tips about cargo orders:

  • Be aware of the amount of cargo to be transported. If the plane assigned to the contract is not large enough to transport all the cargo in one flight, it will have to return to the origin and transport the rest in at least one more flight (if not more) or other planes will have to carry the remaining cargo.
  • Be aware of the distance. For example, in Airline Tycoon, a Boeing 777 can fly further than a Boeing 747-400, but a Boeing 747-400 can carry more cargo than a Boeing 777. Sometimes this disparity can cause problems.
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