Located next to the restrooms on the lower level is a cafe run by a guy in a red shirt named, Rick. Rick gives airline managers useful advice about running their airlines and keeping them up to date regarding new planes available at the Plane Broker. You can also press"C" to get to the cafe.

In Airline Tycoon 2, the cafe is referred to as a bar. It's on the lower level of the airport next to the airport shop or you can also press "C" to get there. The bartender here also gives advice, but he can also help airlines improve catering for individual airplanes or all of them, simultaneously. He offers three different options for catering:

  • Lobster with French wine
  • Steak with a soft drink
  • Bread and butter with water

Note that if you would like higher quality food on all your aircraft, you will have to return to the bar to set the catering quality level for every plane that is new to your fleet.

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