The bank is where an airline can manage its finances. It can be found on the lower or ground level of the airport and is always open.

Airline TycoonEdit

The bank in Airline Tycoon is located between the Duty-Free Shop and the Newspaper Stand. Its shortcut key is: B, and is staffed by a woman (Mrs. Pulver) and a man, the bank manager (Mr. Smith). You can take out a loan, or pay it back, by speaking with the woman. You can trade shares by speaking with the bank manager.

Airline Tycoon 2Edit

The bank in Airline Tycoon 2 is located between the airport shop and the travel agency. It's found under a sign that says, "Bank Amerika," while the game manual and airport guide refers to it as "Rosenbaum Cash and Gold Loan". Its shortcut key is: K. Speak to the man behind the glass (Mark Heller) to do one of the following:

  • Repay a loan by:
    • Paying everything back
    • Paying back half the credit/loan
    • Paying back 25% of the credit/loan
    • Paying back none of the credit/loan (i.e. no repayment of loan)
  • Check your credit line (i.e. how much money was loaned and the amount of daily interest being paid as a result)
  • Take out a loan equivalent to one of the following:
    • 100% (or maximum) of the credit line
    • 50% of the credit line
    • 25% of the credit line
    • 0% of the credit line (i.e. no loan)
  • Trade Shares (only available in freeplay with sabotage activated)

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